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Very suitable for medical practices, medical center, physiotherapy, clinic, assisted living, office floors. But also as a hostel or similar quite suitable. High, bright rooms. Originally, a doctor's family lived in the property and the premises also housed the practice (with operating room). Later, the building was used as an ENT clinic by the city.

Location: right in the center of Altenburg, diagonally opposite the Bruderkirche. Approximately 100 meters to the newly designed upper market square.
It is in the redevelopment area oft he city, there is ensemble protection, no individual monument
Built probably around 1872

The plot is 668 m². In the back is the garden. It has a deep cellar, cellar, mezzanine, 1st floor, 2nd floor, loft. Each floor area is about 300 m² (estimated for lack of oversize). On the floors, the rooms are on both sides of a central corridor.

Roof is covered with bitumen shingles, partially leaking. Formerly gas central heating.

The electricity is connected and logged in (with meter). The water connection was renewed to the basement wall. Gas connection available. Land is connected to the canal.

On the property there is a garage for cars.

Immediately free. No brokerage fees, as private sale.

Purchase price: negotiable matter

Sigrun Würtele
Wielandstr. 7
D-04600 Altenburg

Mobile: + 49-171-1530109
Fax: + 49-3212-1050575
Tel: + 49-3447-511044
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